Although I have attained seven quarters of Clinical Pastoral Education (C.P.E.) from the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, have been designated Senior Mental Health Clinican, am licensed by the State of Georgia as a Licensed Professional Counselor, am an Ordained United Methodist Minister, was pronounced “one of the great preachers in the tradition of the Methodist Church” by Bishop William R. Cannon, have served numerous organizations as president, have attained a Masters of Divinity from Emory University, a Masters of Science from Georgia State University, a Bachelor of Science from the University of Georgia and an Associate of Arts degree from Augusta College and have logged hundreds of hours of the best supervision a psychotherapist could ever dream of, I believe that my best credentials are found in those of my parents, family, friends, mentors, supervisors, and teachers who challenged and molded me. If you know some of these people, then you know of my best credentials.

Wesley Lane Stokes, Agnes Adams Stokes, Nancy Stokes, Homer B. Adams, The Reverend Freeman L. Stokes, Vertie Stokes, Burleigh Law, Richard Stokes, Karen Ware, The Reverend Gholson, The Reverend Alsobrooks, The Reverend Hoke Sewell, Bishop Arthur J. Moore, Bishop William R. Cannon, Joe Whitwell, Zeke Delozier, Bill Phillips, Bob Gary, Calvin Houston, John Patton, Jasper (Jap) Keith, Jr., The Reverend Maake Masango, Tshepo Masango, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Bishop Nolan Harmon, Bishop John Smith, Bishop Mack B. Stokes, Bishop Bennett J. Sims,  Billy Belding, Dora McDonald, The Reverend Charles Hoover, The Reverend Cullen Jones, Dr. Dave Bedell, Dr. John Epps, Dr. Nathan Segall, Dr. Hayward Phillips, Dr. Z. Morgan, Dr. Williams, The Reverend Hubert Flanagan, Frank Garrett, The Reverend Charles Allen, The Reverend Sam Coker, The Reverend Ron Greer, The Reverend Don Harp, The Reverend Bill Britt, The Reverend Cecil Myers, the trumpeter Cecil Welch, the late Adrian Quinn, The Reverend Joe Bowen, and others too countless to name here.

6 Responses to “Counseling Credentials”

  1. Jim Sapp says:

    Hank Williams never sounded so good.
    Glad to see you made it.
    Thanks for being my friend at Clark AB.

  2. Robert Kim McIntire says:

    Hey Jap:
    It’s not important if you remember me, I can imagine I was a brief
    encounter on your pilgimage. But, I did want you to know that I have greatly appreciated the ways you responded to me in our short relationship.

    Since then I have eschewed organized religion and am happily retired in Smyrna, GA. Although I am not an official convert, I have embraced the Tao principal of the value of doing nothing.

    I am happy you have found a church home and a community that values you. You deserve it.

    God Speed

  3. lane says:


    We all wonder if our lives have impact on others, especially as we grow older. Sometimes brief encounters have the greatest impact. I am not Jap, but perhaps he will see this beautiful tribute to him. He made a huge impact on me at Georgia Regional Hospital by proving that the mentally challenged could learn to feed themselves so as to be able to go home with their parents from time to time. As the Chaplain, he insisted that the patients be fed, even though at first they would knock the tray to the floor. Meal after meal went to the floor until they became hungry enough to eat and thereby learned to feed themselves. Jap was full of love, courage and devotion to these children of God. God bless him as he blessed you for allowing you to know Jap.

    Lane Stokes, Founder Internet Ministry LLC

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  5. Charles McMillan says:

    Somehow ran into your site and it hit me that you are from or was from Wadley and yes Danny Kitchens is still alive and well.

  6. Weblink says:

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