If you must use a Life Counselor, make sure it is someone with at least a masters degree in counseling or psychology with several years counseling experience with the mentally ill. The reason is that Life Counselors can do harm due to ignorance. Life Counselors, ministers, lay counselors, Christian Counselors, Life Coaches that do not understand the Borderline Personality Disorder, for instance, can do untold damages by trying to “help”. I recently chatted with a lay minister/counselor and asked what he did with church members he counseled who had problems too difficult for him and he responded, “Oh, I never have such problems. All a person needs is the Lord.” That’s a scary man! There’s a reason the state requires certain coursework and hands on supervision before declaring counselors fit for “helping” others.

To get “help” with a problem, contact Lane at lanestokes18@yahoo.com for a free consultation. Read about him at www.fortheunderdog.com to learn of his many credentials. Do not place your well-being in the hands of those without the necessary credentials.

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