Anger is one of the biggest causes of dysfunctional relationships between husband and wife, and parents and children. It is also a major cause of low productivity in business when employees harbor resentment toward one another or management.  We see anger expressed through addictions such as alcoholism and, of course, in criminal personalities. Until the last revision of the One Assessment we use for hiring and for training salespersons, I was treating clients with anger in much the same way as other therapists with the same uncertain results.

In using the revised assessment for sales training I was able to identify all of the anger issues and list them according to strength so as to eradicate one at a time in weekly sessions. It is not unusual to discover 20 or more traits for anger that are attached to various personality components. These various attachments are what has traditionally made controlling anger so difficult. Using cues of the unconscious mind as I did in the 1991 Borderline Personality Disorder study I found that  all the traits were being resolved all at the same time.  This is a huge breakthrough for my practice as many of my clients have been those suffering from chronic anger issues that have wrecked their relationships with spouse, children, friends, and work colleagues and employers. Who would have thought that training salespersons would have produced the “cure” for anger in family relationships?

If you or those you know have persistent anger issues that are causing family or work problems, please contact us at for a free consultation to talk about overcoming those issues.



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