Rape verdict acquitting rapist in Henry County, Georgia startles Attorney prosecuting case, the rape victim and probably most intelligent people living in the U.S. A 26 year-old man unlawfully entered a residence through a window late at night while husband and wife were sleeping in front of two separate TV sets. The burglar stole a TV from downstairs and put it in his car. He returned and raped the wife, age 53. Afterwards, the rapist wrote the woman an apology which the attorney construed as a admission of guilt–as would any person with an IQ over 60. Twelve Henry County residents decided that it was consensual sex and acquitted the rapist while finding him guilty for burglary, robbery and false imprisonment. Perhaps two morals could be learned from this: 1) Don’t live in Henry County, Georgia if you are a woman, and 2) If you are a rapist, Henry County is the place to live.

This ridiculous verdict also points out the problems associated with rape and how un-seriously people in general consider rape. None of the jurors had been raped, apparently, and none knew how to demonstrate empathy with a vote. None understood how this rape would negatively affect the woman, her husband, family and friends for the rest of her life. It’s not just stupid Henry County residents at fault, but that these 12 represent the ignorance of people the world over when it comes to rape. When will people become educated as to the horror of rape on that date and every day thereafter?

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