Our Sales Coaching is straight-forward and produces better-than-average results by changing the personality of the average person into that of a top achiever.

We begin by administering our One Assessment which pinpoints up to 210 unconscious personality traits that cause low achievement and 60 that cause high achievement.

We then list those offending traits in descending order so as to begin overcoming the most debilitating.

In weekly session we overcome those traits until we have changed the personality from the 80% to the upper 20% of achievement.

This process is much faster if we have enough participants for a group as they also work individually by the week.

Recent examples are 1) One sales agent changed one insignificant trait and tripled his appointments for the week. 2) In 5 weeks, a new agent was #1 seller in an office of veterans.

For more information or to sign up to take the One Assessment, contact Lane Stokes at lanestokes18@yahoo.com

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