One of the best ways to get a job or find prospective sales prospects is to learn to use the telephone more effectively. Most people fear using the phone or in fact HATE IT.

A method we use in coaching people searching for a job or selling is to practice with them on the phone. The person buys minutes from us in our Bookstore and sets an appointment time by email to call. We then practice with that person on the phone what he or she is to say and how best to say it. This live practice not only teaches him/her what to say and how to say it, but it gives the person more self-confidence in such conversations. Many times our clients immediately call the person in real life right after a practice session with remarkable results.

Read the second Testimony Lane Stokes Sales Coach at bottom of website for one person’s amazing discovery of how well this method works.

Let mus teach you to LOVE THY PHONE and become very successful in using it. Email me and let’s get started with your love affair with your phone.

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