Both sales managers and salespeople continue to believe and preach a “persistent” sales myth that hurts more people than it helps—especially the families of would-be-salespersons. That myth says, “Anybody can become a top salesperson by working hard”. That could be true if you consider that working for 60 years to become average is acceptable. The fact is, according to “persistent” statistics of the Sales Industry, only 20% of salespersons reach the “Winner’s Circle”. The other 80% “persist” in selling only 20% of goods and services. That means that many of the 80% of would-be-salespersons are in the wrong profession. Read our page ALL NOT TRAINABLE FOR SALES to understand why this is true.


In my book Sales Self-Sabotage, I identify the personality drivers and traits that prevent achievement. These traits and drivers are not only helpful in allowing a person to see what is stopping sales, they also help guide a person toward using one’s skills and talents in more productive ways. In other words, many are wasting their time trying to become salespersons because they think that it is where the most money can be made.


Paul Tillich, the Christian theologian, wrote a book entitled The Courage to Be. It has been my greatest challenge because it calls on me to stop being what others want me to be or think that I should be, and be ME.


The truth is this: Learn about yourself or as the ancient expert said, “Know Thyself”, capitalize on who you are and find better sources of unlimited income than sales. Read my book to discover many of the traits and drivers your unconscious mind uses to direct your attitudes and behaviors and then move in the best direction for you. More information can be read from our page ALL NOT TRAINABLE FOR SALES.


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