This “I want to do it myself” is not the tantrum of a child, but the determination of an adult seeking to achieve a serious goal.  It is the primary reason new and old sales agents alike ignore sales training. They have their own ideas and think that they can excel by using their unique talents. We all have a desire to take full credit for our accomplishments but we cannot overcome barriers that we cannot see. To insist on learning to sell without being able to see the barriers stopping us is ridiculous, but that’s what goes on every day by salespeople all over the world. It is also the reason sales production is so low. I wish that I could affirm such efforts by saying, “Go for it!” but I know better.  In football, I can go for the man with the ball. The only barriers are my speed and agility and the opponents blocking my way. In sales, however, most of the barriers are unseen and unacknowledged. It is like running into an invisible wall, getting up and running into another invisible wall. Personality “Traits” and “Drivers” control our behavior from the Unconscious Mind over which we have no control. They block cold calling. They block personal visits. They block enthusiasm and desire. They block by causing procrastination in the customers.  At worst, the agent feels that some cosmic power from without is stopping the sale. At best, the agent feels that it is just a bad day where nothing goes right, but the fact is that the invisible barriers to sales are nearly always personality “Traits” and “Drivers” that control from the Unconscious Mind.  You can continue your attitude of “I want to do it myself” or you can allow us to show you those invisible barriers so that YOU can overcome them. But, you cannot see or overcome what is invisible to you. I’m just an email away at  Let’s Chat! With our ONE ASSESSMENT we can define every significant personality “trait” and “driver” that prevents achievement and eradicate them to cause your sales to soar.

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