Sales managers and would-be-salespersons get very upset when anybody suggests that not all salespersons are trainable. This is true despite all the evidence of the 80/20 statistic of the Sales Industry. Let me tell you why not all people are trainable for sales.


Little Robert has a tough time growing up. His parents don’t believe that he will ever amount to much and tell him that if he will simply “Try Hard”, they will love him anyhow. Little Robert lives with his parents 17 years through high school and another 4 through a local college. Then he gets a job and continues to live at home another three years before falling in love and moving into an apartment close by with his bride. That’s 24 years living with parents who only loved him when he “tried hard” and failed. Yes, that’s what trying hard means. If you succeed, you aren’t trying, but doing. He had to fail at school subjects through high school, squeak by in college, and take some menial job so trying hard wouldn’t result in getting fired. Next…


Living with parents that didn’t expect much from him caused Little Robert to have super low self-esteem. How did he get along with friends and classmates?”  He didn’t get along through high self-confidence, did he? No, he most likely got along by “trying” to please them, making himself a doormat. Or maybe he tried to take care of their feelings so they would take care of his. Thus he developed a strong Pleaser Personality and Caretaker Personality. By age 25, then, when he finally found a girl with as low a self-esteem as his, who was willing to marry him, Robert was soundly controlled by three drivers of the unconscious mind: Try Hard Driver, Pleaser Driver, and Caretaker Driver. That was all he knew for survival among his peers.


Robert takes a sales job. What will happen? He will fail because trying hard means failing. Or, if  “to fail” is too shocking, you may think in terms of only selling 20% of goods and services. That would be $9000 a year earned by the average life insurance salesperson. I call that “failing”, don’t you? If he sells, his sales manager will brag on him and not give him the sympathy he must have to feel successful as a person. When calling on prospective customers, he will waste enormous amounts of energy trying to like that customer and have the customer like him because that is how one pleases another. He will see the customer as the authority figure and give control of the sales interview to him, thus allowing that customer to not buy because Robert has to please the other to survive. And, Robert will  feel good when he doesn’t get the sale. This will be because he believes that he was successful in caring for the feelings of the would-be customer who will now probably buy from another.


Is Robert “trainable” for sales? No. Sales managers don’t have the expertise or the time to devote to somebody with three drivers tied to the agent’s survival mechanisms. The sales manager cannot wait for a savvy professional counselor to overcome all three impediments that Robert has. In truth, Robert has no business “trying” to sell. He is trainable maybe within 60 years, but he and his family will starve before he learns. Robert needs somebody to care enough to tell him to find other work more suited to his personality.

Do you have any drivers that are preventing you from selling? The Mini-One Assessment was designed to quickly and inexpensively determine if a person has drivers.  You may take it over the telephone or in person. It takes 30 minutes or less and costs $99. Go to the Bookstore on this site and pay for the Mini-One Assessment and send your USA phone number and email address to If you have 2 or more drivers, you should turn your energies toward a more profitable way to earn a living than sales. We at Internet Ministry LLC care enough to tell you the truth about your chances of earning a decent living at selling.

Sales Self-Sabotage was written for two main reasons. 1) To have salespersons identify traits and drivers holding them back in hopes of being able to overcome those barriers in changing the personality to upper 20% achievement. 2) To have salespersons discover that they might have too many drivers–or the wrong combination– to overcome and thus seek more satisfying and profitable work.

The reason that so many are plunging into sales jobs without knowing if they are qualified is due to the lack of salaried jobs available. Non-commissioned sales jobs are available to just about anybody able to walk into an interview. When working in salaried jobs, many of the personality traits and drivers did not seem to be a problem, but in sales they can be very self-defeating. Believing in their own abilities, millions of people needing incomes pour their energies into selling with very poor results. The basic reasons for such failure to achieve is governed by personality traits and drivers of which the would-be sales agents are unaware, and no well-known personality assessments can identify. As there appears to be no hope in the near future for an abundance of salaried jobs, many elect to stay in sales, if for no other reason than to say that they have a job.

If, after reading Sales Self-Sabotage, you are not sure whether to stay in sales or not, contact me for an interpretation of your thoughts at


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  1. George says:

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  2. lane says:


    Starting one’s own business is always difficult, especially after the discouragement of being trained and turned down for jobs. Job-seeking can rip out all your self-confidence and leave you wondering why you tried in the first place. But remember, what defines us is not the work we do, but how we rise after a defeat. One reason so few become successful in their own businesses is because they cannot overcome their emotions and that damn little voice inside that keeps saying, “You Can’t, You can’t, You can’t”. Beyond controlling your emotions, you must have the knowledge and skills for handling every aspect of the business. I insist that my new-business clients see or call me every week so that together we can stay ahead of schedule for what needs to be done and especially to keep up the client’s spirits. And as you know, distance is no problem. Cellphones reach Atlanta Ga from anywhere in the world. Just buy the minutes in the Bookstore on my website and email me at to set up a time to call. It’s that easy to have somebody to help you make your new business work.

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