By my own research and observations I have defined the 20% and 80% Personalities by certain personality traits.

All persons of the 80% Personality have up to 210 personality traits that cause low achievement no matter what kind of work they do or don’t do.

A person drawing a regular salary does not tend to notice these personality barriers to achievement because he or she simply goes to work, does the job and gets paid. American businesses have come to accept as normal the low productivity caused by these hidden traits.

But when a salaried individual loses that job and chooses to sell for a living the traits become huge barriers to success.

The beauty of straight-commissioned sales jobs is that money is the indicator of success. The great majority of salespersons—that 80%–prove my research by poor performance, blaming every cause under heaven for their poor performance. We see that it is the salesperson; however, when we compare him or her to the upper 20% who begin selling from day one and quickly rise to the top.

What is worse is that statistics show that the upper 20% of salespersons are the ones who attend extra training courses. This is because they want to succeed. The 80% refuse to be helped because their inner traits dictate low achievement and they cannot overcome those traits. Such traits are basically hard-wired to bring sympathy to the struggling salesperson who has learned over his or her lifetime that success is seldom within reach, whereas sympathy and pity are, and so he or she accepts that sympathy as a form of success.Look at what you say to yourself after failing to get appointments when calling on prospects. Are you hoping that somebody will notice how hard you are working and brag on you or commiserate with you? If yes, then you are being controlled by false values produced by these unconscious personality traits.

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