If you own a company, are a sales manager or the spouse of a salesperson, have you ever wondered how that agent could spend the vast amount of time of one day and produce so little income?

One phone call of five minutes could connect him or her to a person capable of buying the product or service so as to set up an appointment. That’s a possible 96 appointments per 40-hour week.

What is that person doing all day? If you were to listen when he or she calls a prospect or go on an appointment with that agent you would think that the communication was perfect. How can the salesperson have such little success?

“I Will Not” is the attitude controlling the salesperson. As inconceivable as this idea may be to you, it is a stark reality in more people than you could imagine.

  • The reason that hiring managers do not eliminate them as sales candidates is because they appear to be exactly what sales managers want.
  • The best sales training does not overcome this personality trait because a professional like me must coax it out.
  • Sales managers cannot overcome it because most do not have credentials as a mental health clinician or professional counselor.
  • Salespersons will not have this attitude addressed because they do not want to think of themselves as having anything wrong with them. The fact is that this attitude when first developed was the best way to cope with a situation that was then current. Now it does not work because that original situation no longer exists but the Unconscious Mind acts as if it does.

Getting rid of the “I Will Not” Attitude is one of my specialties. By overcoming it, salespersons soar in their achievements.

I urge you as a salesperson, the spouse of the salesperson, the sales manager or company owner in Metro Atlanta to contact me immediately at lanestokes18@yahoo.com or 770-458-5797 so that I may greatly increase the sales productivity of those agents not earning what you think they should. Please don’t let your pride or need to be right get in the way of giving this precious child of God a chance to be all that he or she could be.


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