The ability to succeed in sales is based on 210 invisible personality traits and drivers that cause low achievement or failure and 60 that cause high achievement. It is SIMPLY a matter of how many of each you have. Our ONE ASSESSMENT can identify every one that you have to make your decision easier to make as to whether you choose selling or not.

We have now developed the Mini-One Assessment to greatly reduce the cost for those who only want to find out if they should go into sales. While it is true that the long form is more accurate and certainly should be used for hiring and sales training, the Mini is a quick and cheaper way to get some direction.  It measures aptitude toward 9 of the more serious Drivers that cause one to sabotage achievement. The cost is only $99. Contact us at for more information or to order the Mini.


Selling is one of the most difficult professions in the world. It is a grind of finding people every day to call in order to set appointments and make presentations. Any personality barrier that impedes your emotional connection with your customers will reduce your income.


For those who have an acceptable number of traits that cause either low or high achievement, we have proven methods to increase your success far beyond any other training or coaching available on the market and much quicker. Contact us for a free consultation at


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