The reason that so few of the 20% salespersons can be hired is that only 20% of babies born in any one year have that personality. By age 20 the attrition rate is already high due to death, mental illness, drug addiction, imprisonment, and other. Beyond that the 20% join the ranks of politics, military, technology, law, medicine, education and hundreds of other industries, leaving only a small percentage to enter sales as a career.  In sales, the 20% quickly become the sales managers, regional sales managers and on toward CEO.

Most of the salespersons hired are in the 80% with at least the 210 personality traits Lane Stokes has identified. He offers solutions for overcoming those barriers that control from the unconscious mind. In order to retain and have those 80 percentile salespersons sell more than 20% of goods and services, companies need to contact Lane at

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