Are you one of the 20% of salespeople? Take this quiz to find out.  If you cannot honestly pass this test, then you are in the 80% who will sell 20% of the goods and services and you need to talk to me at

1. Has it been easy all your life to convince others to give you what you want?

2. Have you ever been Salesperson of the Month for 3 months in a row?

3. Have you won nearly every sales contest you have entered?

4. Is it true that you have no Fear of Failure?

5. If you call 10 leads or referrals, you normally would get at least 6 appointments?

6. Is it true that you do not worry about meeting your quota?

7. Do you expect to sell every prospect you call?

8. Whenever you get an appointment, you make the sale nearly every time?

9. Do you feel that you are very successful in your work?

10. I expect to get whatever I go after and reach that goal nearly 100% of the time?

If you answered yes to 7 of the 10, you can consider yourself part of the 20%.

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