Are you in the 80% of salespersons? Take this quiz to find out?

1. I am not very successful in my work.

2. I have a Fear of Failure.

3. I worry that I will not make my quota.

4. I’m good at finding fault with myself and others.

5. I have to work hard at being a positive thinker.

6. I don’t usually get my way.

7. I don’t expect every person I call to buy what I’m selling.

8. I procrastinate too much or have problems with customers procrastinating.

9. I have trouble setting and reaching goals

10. I’ve had lots of disappointments in my life.

If you answered yes to 7 of the 10, you can consider yourself part of the 80%.

Contact Lane Stokes at for assistance in overcoming those traits so that you can sell more than 20% of goods and services.

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