Practically every sales manager developed that special “sales personality” during the first year of life where he or she shut out anything that interfered with getting what was wanted. Clear-minded and focused, these upper 20% personalities never suffer the thousands of personality barriers developed by the lower 85% and therefore cannot identify with us. For them, the way to buy that new Porsche is to see more people and sell more product or services and so they preach to their underlings that the way to the Winner’s Circle is to do the same. When the 80% are hampered by the serious “drivers” of the personality, those near-mental-illnesses not yet defined as mental illnesses but having the same power of control, or personality traits that cause low self-esteem and low self-confidence, the sales manager cannot help the agent overcome them because he has never dealt with one inside himself. The manager’s strong suit could be his teaching the skills of selling just as my strong suit is removing the personality barriers to make using those skills more effective. Together, the sales manager and I could be a very effective team.


This is where a professional like me shows our value. The best counselors, therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists are the ones who have struggled with our own personality barriers and therefore know what the client is experiencing and how to enable that client to overcome them. Sales managers and salespersons alike come to me when they don’t know how to reach their goals of achievement. Read the “I WILL NOT” post on my website. There are others just as fierce that you will not be able to overcome without professional help, so contact me at lanestokes18@yahoo.com or call me at 770-458-5797 in Atlanta and let’s get started getting those sales rolling in.


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