Those who sell hearing aids have discovered through much research that there is a point of no return after which hearing aids do a person no good. The nerves simply cannot send clear messages to the brain no matter how sophisticated the hearing aid. In salespeople, there is also a point of no return.

Just as there are older adults who never need a hearing aid, their are salespersons with personalities that never reach a point of no return. They are the ones who as children always got nearly everything they wanted and as salespersons have closed 9 of 10 nearly from the beginning.

For those salespersons who don’t close 9 of 10, here is the problem. When you first attempt to sell something and cannot do it, you feel defeated. You most likely fail to sell more than you succeed and feel more defeated than you do successful.  Actually, you feel three distinct emotions over time: helpless, hopeless and despondent. Every time you fail to sell, these three emotions take over your moods and you begin to feel helpless, hopeless and despondent more than you feel self-confident and hopeful.  Over a year or two of more failures than successes, your mood generally becomes depressed due to feeling helpless, hopeless and despondent and your sales become worse. The longer the live, the older you become, the worse your sales. This is a body chemistry problem that evolves over time. You are not alone.

You are suffering from the same conditioning of the brain as those soldiers who witness the horrors of war, adults who were sexually abused as children and those women and men who have been raped. When the traumatic event first happened, i.e. when the little girl was raped by her father or uncle, his size and strength made her feel helpless and probably hopeless. If she feared being killed, she also felt despair or despondency. For the rest of her life, every time she recalls the memory of that rape, she experiences the same emotions of helplessness, hopelessness, and despair as she did the first time. The older she becomes without professional intervention through counseling, the more her mood is controlled by those three emotions. She has no choice. You have no choice as a salesperson either as, over time, your moods become chemically controlled by earlier experiences of failed sales. The point of no return for soldiers and rape victims is usually debilitating mental illness or suicide. Your point of no return could be the same or at best, you will always be a very non-productive sales person.

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