Top salespersons, very often sales managers, preach to underlings that selling is a numbers game, but these top salespersons routinely close 9 of 10 and usually 10 of 10 sales and have since the beginning. They never had to practice or learn by doing because they were blessed with a non-conflicted personality from birth. They have gotten most of what they have wanted since childhood without knowing how, yet they tell you that you must call and see more people to make the money they do.


I have studied this non-conflicted personality extensively that top salespersons have. It is a distinct personality best described by the psychiatrist James F. Masterson in 1981. Top salespersons do not sell like normal salespersons. They get the prospect to buy simply by WANTING IT. It is nearly impossible to make them understand how this personality works. It is that top salespersons feel guilty if they don’t WORK at selling like they urge their agents to do, and therefore waste precious energy and time by “working at selling”.


To make the sales and money the top salespeople do, one must be one of them. To increase your sales beyond what you presently achieve,you must have someone skilled in removing conflicts from your personality. I can do that for you if you live in Atlanta GA. Call Lane at 770-458-5797 and lets chat or email me at

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