Our career coaching method was developed in April of 2010. Within 3 hours a person could learn to exude his or her best qualities into a hiring interview and get hired. In 2010, when so few were able to find jobs, ten of the twelve we used this method with found jobs within one to three months.  We call this method the Exuding Self-Confidence. Later we developed a seminar for salespersons with the same name. Our method is as follows:

1) Administer the One Assessment to obtain all the best and worst characteristics of the personality and have person add to it.

2) Eradicate the negative traits by neuroscientific cues while strengthening the positive traits.

3) Exude all the positive traits at the same time  into cover letters and hiring interviews.

4) The “magical” connection of employer seeking this particular person

Lane Stokes is waiting to help you get hired. Contact him at lanestokes18@yahoo.com for a Free Consultation.

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