The American Dream is to work for oneself, but most people think that it is an “Impossible Dream”. It is an impossibility for the the lazy and for the industrious who simply do not have the skills required to do all that is required to make a new business succeed. This is why I encourage people to accept the challenge of companies like Insphere Insurance, AFLAC and Primerica. These companies and many like them allow a person to have their own business by doing most of the back office duties for them. In the event of having Insphere, AFLAC or Primerica provide the administrative backup, the main job of the person becomes sales. UH OH! Why is it that so many people fear sales? Anybody that can talk, can sell. The difference in the success ratio of different individuals is simply personality. Top salespersons have a God-given personality that makes them the best salespeople “right out of the box” while the rest have to learn how by taught skills.

If you are tired of working for somebody else, having to beg for tiny raises, never being able to take more than a week or two for vacation and never having money to buy what you want, talk to me about having your own sales business. It is not as hard as you think with the right guidance. You will start at the same place as most salespersons who have been doing it for years because they have never learned to work smart and you could be outselling them within months.  If you have the courage to have me look at your personality facets and advise you of the steps you need to take to be successful at sales, there is every reason to believe that you could have a thriving business of your own before the end of six months.

Stop wondering if you could ever own your own business and call Lane at 770-458-5797 and let’s chat. If the phone is not working, email him at I am not a recruiter and I don’t work for any company. Read more about me on LinkedIn and at

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