My first venture into the world of business as a Senior Mental Health Clinician came in 1992 when I was invited to assist in hiring salespersons for a company. Never having done such a thing and not knowing exactly how to proceed I wrote a list of 100 questions that would give me a snapshot of the personalities of the candidates. It was as easy as picking bananas from among the apples as to who would succeed or fail and to what relative degrees. Hire the Right Person the First Time came into being and saved companies thousands of dollars and time lost plus prevented vast sales losses to the competition.


Those 100 questions have since been expanded to more as I have added questions to attain 210 of the more significant personality traits and “drivers” that cause low achievement to failure, and 60 observable traits that push one toward high achievement. But even in 1992 it was the best assessment available to the companies who hired me to use it. Nobody can cheat on this One Assessment as a hiring tool and therefore nobody can get through it without my learning all I need to know for hiring and management of that candidate. Furthermore, I designed it to actually thrust a sales candidate toward success in the process of taking it, so it is far different than other personality assessments.


The point I’m making is that my training and experience as a Senior Mental Health Clinician and Licensed Counselor gives me a huge advantage in the hiring and training of businesspeople because business leaders simply do not know what I know and have no clue as to how to do the many things that are easy for me. This is not bragging, but simply the statement of a fact. My experience is also different from most industrial psychologists who are used in the writing of currently used personality assessments and questions for hiring job candidates.


When it comes to hiring and teaching your salespersons to achieve more, please contact me at and let me do what is so easy for me. What I do will give strength to your training methods and faster success to your agents. It is a Win-Win.


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