Evidence grows for the existence of an unstated non-compete agreement between American businesses as…

  • Businesses continue to expect to pay one dollar for every fifty cents of labor.
  • Businesses continue to expect 50% or more of the best salespeople to wash out within 18-24 months.
  • Recruiting and hiring practices continue to deteriorate from choosing the best to hoping to dodge a bad hire, as shown by the SHRM Exhibition and Conference in Chicago this past June.


On a more personal note, I become more suspicious of this non-compete idea every time I offer my Hire the Right Person the First Time method of hiring to companies and executive recruiters without any show of interest.


What has happened to the American spirit of competition and capitalism? If I were responsible for my numbers as a manager and believed that I could hire more productive employees locally by an independent method, I would be on the phone begging Corporate for that opportunity. Instead, all I witness is a drab complacency from managers that “all our hiring is done through the corporate office.” It feels like one big anti-trust conspiracy.


Our Hire the Right Person the First Time using the One Assessment is clearly superior to most methods of hiring due to the 181 visual and auditory observations that prevent cheating, and the finite definitions of personality traits that discover the “cracks in the foundation” of the personality that would most probably cause wash outs within the first two years. For so many hiring managers and recruiters to refuse consideration of this proven tool is, to me, real evidence of complacency within the ranks.


From a national point of view, I believe that when the complacency of keeping one’s job becomes the goal of business, capitalism slides toward socialism and jobs become scarcer. It is certainly part of the reason that American is no longer #1 in the global economy. The question is whether or when we can regain our once revered position in the world.


Your business can begin that individual quest by engaging us to choose better producers than you have experienced in a long time. All it takes is courage to be the best by hiring the best.

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