The ONE ASSESSMENT used by The Sales Shrink is unique in many ways…


  1. Most importantly, The One Assessment is designed to set in motion the overcoming of all “negative” traits and boosting all “positive” traits from the onset so that the individual is moving toward his or her goals of achievement while taking the assessment. Certain Neuroscientific cues are used to continue this process into the future. In other words, this is far more than just a personality assessment like so many others. It is an instrument carefully designed to thrust the individual quickly toward success.
  2. Information is not gathered only by written responses to questions, which can be doctored by learning the “correct” answers suggested by a myriad of books sold on the market, but by visual observation of the body language of the person taking the assessment. Besides the normal respiration, odors, tightening of the muscles of face, change of hue in skin of the neck and ears, choice of clothing, makeup, and juxtaposition of the body from time to time, special attention is given to relative strength of 60 of the most prevalent unconscious personality traits most commonly found in the highest of achievers. Then, if the answers written are in conflict with the visual observations, the job candidate will be given the opportunity to explain the conflicts or perhaps be disqualified.
  3. The Assessment also identifies more than 200 of the most common unconscious personality traits of low achievement and many Drivers, which are “pieces” of mental illnesses not defined as mental illness, but having the same power of control over a person’s actions.
  4. Each question is carefully crafted to elicit information about various perspectives of the unconscious personality traits observed and each question is indexed to a formulation for overcoming that trait.
  5. The One Assessment is different from all other assessments in that the information is based on the personality of the person being assessed rather than making a comparison across a broad array of personalities. Instead of reading like an astrological chart as is true of most, the information given pertains only to the specific individual.
  6. Unlike most other assessments that gather too much information making it confusing to the individual or his trainer, only that which is needed is obtained, giving a streamlined formula for the Sales Shrink to use in quickly overcoming any negative barriers to achievement.

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The Mini-One Assessment listed in the page below identifies many of the major tendencies toward low achievement or failure. It is shorter and less expensive, a splendid way to find out the tendencies one has away from the success desired.


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