Our Mini-One Assessment can save you a lot of grief in any quest for achievement. Whether you want to succeed more in business, sales, golf, running, relationships, or whatever. Let’s say you aspire to sell real estate. Like every sales job, real estate is much harder than people think. To prepare for selling real estate one must pass a test that normally costs money for instruction on how to pass it. Then there is the expensive license to pay for as well as the new clothes and Mercedes to look the part. Why put out all that money and time without knowing if you will succeed? Take our Mini-One Assessment and within 30 minutes you will know if you should pursue sales or not. Contact us at lanestokes18@yahoo.com for more information or to sign up.

The Mini can even be taken over the phone from anywhere. Payment is made through this website. Just hit this button

After you have paid, contact us at lanestokes18@yahoo.com to make sure that we have your contact information. We will contact you to set a day and time to administer the assessment.

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