A big thanks to all of you who have supported and encouraged our efforts to provide jobs for the unemployed and/or to help increase productivity for those working in other jobs. See what we have done since 2010.


In 2010, we developed an interview process that got 10 of 12 people jobs within two or three months. That was a remarkable feat in a year when so few were being hired. We still offer that Exuding Self-Confidence Interview to the unemployed.

  1. Career Counseling has been very successful. The accuracy of the One Assessment pinpoints every significant personality trait and driver that affects one’s beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that affects working. This is a more precise guide than most of the personality assessments on the market that collect general information about a person’s interests.
  2. The One Assessment is the cornerstone of Hire the Right Person the First Time and is sold to companies progressive enough to believe that a better grade of employee is possible.
  3. The Mini-One Assessment is a brief form of the One Assessment designed to qualify people for sales jobs by ascertaining the worst personality traits and drivers. It’s big advantage is that it can be taken over the telephone from anywhere in the US. It takes 30 minutes or less to be administered and costs only $99. This Mini-One could save millions of dollars for companies who might have otherwise hired an individual who was not qualified for a sales job.
  4. The webpage continues to add pertinent information about franchises, innovative ways of creating jobs, work at home jobs, etc.
  5. One innovative job is for those who know a lot of people. It is called the “Who Do You Know Job” The person simply talks to friends and associates to ask them to give us 15 minutes to tell them about our record of Hiring the Right Person the First Time and our new sales training method, seminars, Mini-One Assessment, etc. If the person hires us, we pay the agent $500. As we get this arm of the Underdog rolling, we’ll be able to market the work of others in the same way. People must accept the fact that the days of the 40-hour week with the big fat salary are gone for people over 40. We must innovate if we are to work and this is just one job from the Underdog that innovates an income of $500 to $1000 a week or more for those who know people. People representing us will make far more than in selling insurance, which is one of the most popular non-commissioned sales job in Atlanta. Over 1100 insurance companies operate in Atlanta with an average income of $44,000 annually.
  6. The Fund-Raising Job for churches, charities and other causes is similar to the “Who Do You Know Job” except that it pays less. This person contacts charities to encourage them to use their contacts to give us appointments and if the company or person buys, then we give the charity $400 and the agent $100.
  7. For those willing to brainstorm with us, other innovative jobs could be available, but they will be based on the individual’s skills and interests.

We need all the support and encouragement we can get to keep the public informed of what we are doing for the employed as well as the unemployed. Please tell your friends and associates about us and urge them to join us today in innovating a better tomorrow.

Lane Stokes, Founder


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