;                  We are physically located in Atlanta, GA.

We do not accept nor send attachments.

If you recieve notification supposedly from with an attachment, delete it immediately because it is fraudulent.

4 Responses to “CONTACT US”

  1. Luis Rodriguez says:

    Mr. Stokes:
    I just received this email from Mr. gore, i am a new agent that used to be a business owner of 20 retail cellular phone locations, that was easy, for some reason i’m struggling with the concept of “cold Calling” and “walk and Talk”. I have been successful at everything I’ve done and i’m concerned that this will be my first failure. i heard about your Assessment and am intrigued, specifically the story you mentioned about the get rich quick scheme. irregardless if your system can work i would be honored to be your client

    thank you

    Luis Rodriguez

  2. lane says:


    Thanks for your comment and phone number. I’ll call you immediately.


  3. Hello, couldn’t find you on cardsapp. how can I find you? thanks

  4. lane says:


    The best way to find us in on and write us at


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