Below are descriptions of some of Lane Stokes seminars designed to change the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of the 80%  Personality to the 20% Personality, whether in sales or life in general. Although they may bear titles pertaining to sales i.e. Selling by Listening, learning to listen is valuable for every person in relationship with one or more others.  What makes these seminars a GAME CHANGER or THE NEXT BIG THING is this method of training that allows companies to retain all their salespeople and have their self-sabotaging attitudes and behaviors changed so as to sell at achievement levels of the 20%. As is the fact for companies today, the 20% of salespersons are depended upon to produce 80% of sales while the rest are recruited in case they can attain that level of achievement.  Those who cannot are let go.  Because of these Lane Stokes Seminars companies can now change all their low achievers into high achievers selling at those production levels of the traditional 20%. This gives the company a HUGE competitive edge due to the sheer numbers of salespersons bringing in new business.

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