PURPOSE is to teach you one of many methods how to connect with prospective customers and strengthen that connection through the close by being aware of important cues and words.

The most important thing that you can do is to listen to your customers—really listen.

For most people, listening is that period of time after they stop talking while they prepare what they will say when they get back into the conversation.

It is probably true that 99% of world’s population have never had anybody to really listen to him or her, so you will be giving your prospective customers a priceless gift and they will love you for it. They will want to talk to you more because they will feel heard and validated for, most likely, the first time in their lives. Listening is part of connecting which makes closing just a formality.

Most people do not know how to listen because listening is a process that must be learned and since parents do not teach the process, children take short cuts and quickly skip to interpreting what is said.

I can tell you after 35 years of marriage counseling that the biggest cause of divorce is the inability of the partners to listen. They invariably miss key words and cues that erode their relationships to the point of disaster. By learning to listen as a salesperson you will no longer miss those important cues that cause lost sales in more than 80% of salespersons.

In this seminar I will be teaching you how to listen by the process you missed as a child. It is the same process I have used successfully in assisting couples to put their marriages back together, some long after divorce court and living separately.

The process starts with the elementary skill of listening to every word and repeating verbatim what is heard. Your job will be to ONLY listen. You will not have to worry about thinking of what to say next because what you say will be the exact words you have heard. This process  will conclude when you are able to carry on a conversation by focusing on and re-using the words spoken by the other person. In selling, such conversation can only end in closing the sale.

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