You with whom we communicate from the webpage or from other venues are very important to us. We protect member identifications and email addresses because it is our primary means of communication to and from our members. Therefore, we do not sell or share email addresses. Emails are sent from FORTHEUNDERDOG.COM to members or from members to FORTHEUNDERDOG.COM. We do not give any member’s email or contact information to another member without express written consent. Email addresses used for newsletters are stored and protected by the servers of the email service company. We neither send nor receive email attachments as a further way to avoid viruses. Members must type all messages into the text page, or cut and paste from other venues. All emails are sent Blind Copy, that is, the email shows only one addressee.

Should you receive an email supposedly from FORTHEUNDERDOG.COM with an attachment, do not open it. Delete it immediately for it is fraudulent.

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