“In April of 1992 I hired Lane Stokes to interview 15 salespersons for one position in our old, established company in Atlanta, Georgia. Out of those 15 he presented me with the top three recommendations. I took each out to lunch and disqualified all three according to hiring tips I had gotten from others. It didn’t matter because I really wanted to hire a young man that I liked that was then available. Mr. Stokes interviewed him and wrote in big letters across that application “NO NO NO NO!”. He told me that although the man tested fine, Mr. Stokes’s intuition warned of some unseen problem. I ignored his advice and hired the young man.


Six months later I called Mr. Stokes to tell him how right he had been. The young man was an alcoholic who destroyed the sales territory it had taken me 20 years to develop. Finding the sales agent drunk under his desk one day, I also found orders written weeks before that he had not turned in for processing and checks that had not been deposited. Talking to some of my “former” clients, they told me how rude my agent had been to them. Our fine old business went bankrupt within 12 months—all because I ignored the advice of Lane Stokes.”

J.T. , Company name withheld


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