According to the latest rumors pertaining to  county tax commissioners in the state of Georgia, residents of certain counties will be taxed as determined by the numbers of toes they have. The rate depends upon which county. In some counties it is rumored that the cost will be $2.50 a toe, so if a resident has 10 toes, he or she will have to pay $25 a year to retain those toes. For a family of four, that’s $100 a year. This is just another ridiculous law passed by commissioners in their weekly huddles, like the pet tax. If you have a pet in every county in Georgia, not only must you feed your pet and provide shelter, you must pay for the rabies vaccination and then pay a fee (or fine) for having that pet, regardless of whether it lives inside or outside. What if the owner refuses to pay the tax? Does the sheriff comes to your home with a warrant and take the pet to the local pound where it will be put to death?  So, what happens if you don’t pay the Toe Tax? Surely the sheriff comes with a warrant and cuts off your toes. That seems reasonable, don’t you think? Now, before you start cutting off your toes to save money, you should know that there is no actual toe tax (that we know of) and that this is somebody just blowing off steam. But it is something to think about. Where do taxes come from? From politicians voting in a back room on ways to get more money from hard working people. Millions of taxes have been sucked out of our pockets by these bottom feeders. If not toes, then maybe tails of dogs over 10 inches long. If politicians can imagine it, they can find more ways to rob us.

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